We are a Covid Safe Martial Arts School

Harrow and Kingsbury Shotokan Karate - ハローとキングズベリー松濤館空手

Teaching Traditional Japanese and Modern Sport Karate, with over 25 years experience and direct links to the Japan Karate Shoto Federation, Tokyo, Japan.



1) Book a FREE online beginners taster session using Zoom, Sessions are held Monday and Thursday. Regular Classes for all students and grade available. 

2) 6/6/20 - We held our first out door training session since lockdown! 

3) 5/6/20 - Sensei Shyam and Sensei Anas passed their Covid Safe Instructor certification 

4) 24/5/20 - We held an Online Grading for 25 students

5) HKSK hosted a world first on 05/04/2020 in hosting the first ever Online Kata tournament. This saw 50 students from 5 clubs compete for a medal. A fantastic success. Details on the News Blog. 

6) Coronavirus - Due to Government announcements, all physical classes are suspended till further notice.
Training will how ever continue! All classes are moving online to the Zoom App!

Schedule for online class

Mon - 3.30pm - 30 min Beginner Session

Tue - 3.30pm - General Karate 1 hr 

Wed - 6.30pm - General Class 1 hr 

Thur - 3.30pm - 30 min Beginner Session

Thur - 6.30pm - Kata Class 1 hr

Sun - 10am General Karate 11am Advanced Kata

2 x 30 min session = 1 Session

Individual 1 2 1 sessions available also via Zoom

1 x 15 min 1 2 1 = 1 Session

Please contact us using the contact page if you require further details. 


7) JSKA UK Open - 8th Feb 2020

Petr K - Gold - Boys Kumite
Lakshita S - Silver - Girls Kumite
Sensei Shyam - Silver - Men's 30+ Kata
Petr K - Bronze - Boys Kata
Sami - 4th Place - Boys Kyu Grade Kata


Our dojos are located at

Trinity Church (Hombu Dojo)

Hindes Road




Quainton Hall School

Hindes Road



Fryent Primary School

Church Lane




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Men's Team Kumite Final at the JSKA UK Championships 2018