Harrow Shotokan Karate - ハロー松花空手

Teaching Traditional Japanese and Modern Sport Karate, with over 25 years experience and direct links to the Japan Karate Shoto Federation, Tokyo, Japan.



1) 8 New Black Belts!!! JKS Harrow hosted a JKS England Black Belt grading and had 8 students pass their Black Belt grading!

2) Current Class Schedule

Tue 6.30pm Juniors, 7.30pm Adults- Trinity Church
Thur - 6.30pm, Juniors, 7.30pm Adults  - Trinity Church
Sun 10am  Beginners to 5th Kyu, 11am 4th Kyu to Black Belt- Trinity Church

Our dojos are located at

Trinity Church

Hindes Road





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Men's Team Kumite Final at the JSKA UK Championships 2018