What to expect

Beginners are always welcome at HSK. 

Classes are structured in a way to cater for all abilities, fitness levels and experience.

Karate is a great activity to help with self confidence, discipline, fitness, coordination, self defense and so much more.

Classes are approximately 1 hour long.

A typical class will consist of  :-

A traditional line up and formal bow in.

This is followed by a warm up and stretching exercises to start, which helps build strength and flexibility as well as help the muscles warm up. 

Traditional karate training is made up of the three K's or Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Each class will have a combination of all 3 of these aspects.

Kihon - This is basic training, consisting of various blocks, strikes and kicking techniques helping build coordination, speed, fluiditiy and power. This builds the muscle memory which is key to self defense.

Kata - Often called forms or patterns, these ancient kata were handed down from teacher to student over the centuries. They are a combination of various movements in various directions and can be akin to shadow boxing. They start of very basic conisisting of only basic blocking and punching but become more advanced as the student progresses in their training. Basic Kata consist of only 20 moves but build to advanced kata which have over 100! 

Kumite - This is sparring and partner work. This is done in a safe and methodical way to help build speed, distance, timing and reactions as well as self confidence for the students. This is done from basic Gohon Kumite or Basic 5 attack sparring which is prearranged and done at a safe non contact distance. It builds to Jiyu Kumite which is freestyle sparring which is done in competition and more 'real'. Jiyu Kumite is usually done by higher grades.

Classes usually finish with some fitness or circuit work consisting of basic sit ups, push ups and squats etc This is done at your own pace and own level, helping you develop over a period of time.

To end the class there is a traditional bow out and the reciting of the "Dojo Code", the 5 guiding principles of karate.

Please watch the short clip for an idea of the children's class.