Your first class at HSK is FREE!

Once you decide to join, the fees are paid monthly by Direct Debit. 

One Class per week - 
Juniors - £25pm
Seniors - £30pm

2 Classes per week
Juniors - £40pm
Seniors - £45pm 

Juniors - £50pm
Seniors - £55pm

Pay as you go - Juniors £8 per class, Seniors £9 per class

Family discounts are also available.

2 Family Members Once a week - £40pm,
Twice a week - £70pm, Unlimited £80

3rd family member is 25% off.
4th family member is 50% off


We recommend training twice a week or more. This will give your muscles the muscle memory to be able to react quickly in a self defense situation.
Also you will see your progress through the grading system to be quicker as you will learn the katas and grading syllabus and better as well as see improvements in your technique.


You will also need a License affiliating to our governing body - JKS England and the English Karate Federation which is £26 for the first year and £20 there after.

Fees are to be paid on the first lesson of the month, or by bank transfer on the 1st of the month.

Any special courses held are at additional cost.

You would also need a karate uniform which can be obtained from the club.