29. Sep, 2021

Results for the JSKA UK Championships.

Great to catch up with many old friends and senior Sensei's 😊
Really proud of the students. Some great performances.
Sensei Anas still showing he's got it winning the 40+ Mens Kumite 💪👊

Lakshita 2nd Kata, 3rd Kumite
Petr - 4th Kumite
Daniela - 1st Kata, 1st Kumite
Laksh - 4th Kumite
Alex - 1st Kata, 2nd Kumite
Sensei Anas - 1st Kumite, 2nd Kata
Stefan - 4th Kata
Bianca - 4th Kumite

25. Aug, 2021

15th of Aug saw 25+ students journey to West Wittering for our first beach training day.
Sensei Shyam and Sensei Anas took the studetns through a fun packed lesson of kicking and punching and getting wet in the water. This should hopefully become and annual event on the club calendar now :-)

7. Jul, 2021

JKS Harrow had the privilege of hosting the first JKS England Dan grading held in London since Asai Sensei in 2004.
The grading saw JKS members from England and Wales come to Harrow to train and grade under Sensei Alan Campbell 7th Dan, Head of JKS England.
JKS Harrow saw 8 new Black Belts and one new 3rd Dan!! A fantastic result for the club.

Shodan Passes

Sandan Pass

19. Mar, 2021

19th March 2021. HSK held a special Zoom Class with Sensei's Shyam, Anas, Jenel and Kirsten to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Thank you to all those that took part.

20. Feb, 2021

Members of HSK graded online on 07/02/21. Some fantastic performances with a very high standard. Well done to all that passed.