20. Jun, 2022

5 Members of JKS Harrow went to the Monthly Brown and Black Belt course with Alan Campbell Sensei 7th Dan. The course concentrated on Jiyu Ippon Kumite. This was followed by a Kumite Development Course with Sensei Matt Price and a Referees course with Sensei Geoff Dixon.

13. Jun, 2022

HSK took 13 students to the Koburakai Kyu Grade Open.
The students came away with 3 x Gold, 6 x Silver, 5 x Bronze.
I brilliant result with many competing for the first time.

25. May, 2022

Members of JKS Harrow and the wider JKS England family and other Shotokan groups came to Harrow to train with JKS Hombu Dojo Instructor Takuya Makita Sensei 6th Dan. 5 hours of Karate flew by. The 2 sessions saw session 1 cover Kihon and Heian Kata's. Session 2 covered competition Kumite and the Kata's Gojushiho Sho, Sochin and Kashu.

16. May, 2022

15/5/22 - 56 students graded in one of the biggest gradings the club has held. Fantastic performances by many of the students. Keep up the great work!

28. Mar, 2022

We held our annual Bring Your Mum to Karate session for Mother's Day this year.
A fantastic and fun session.
A huge well done to our Karate Mums!! :-)