9. Oct, 2019

Results from the BASK Championships
Terry - Gold Kyu Grade Kumite
Uriel - Silver Kyu Grade Kumite
Terry - Silver Kyu Grade Kata
Loredana - Silver Ladies Kata
Shyam - Silver Men's Kata
Zlatko - Bronze Men's Kata
Maria - Bronze Ladies Kumite

9. Oct, 2019

Sensei Shyam and Zlatko went to train with Akita Sensei on Saturday. A busy course working on the basics and how to use your body correctly in techniques.

21. Sep, 2019

The club had a visit from Henry Bellinger on Wed 18th Sept. Henry has loved in Japan for the last 6 years, grading to 4th Dan there. He trains at the JKS Hombu dojo and Keio University Karate club, which is the oldest Shotokan karate club in Japan. He went through some of the basics taught at the recent JKS Japan Technical seminar and then the kata Hyakuhachi. Great 2 hours.

1. Aug, 2019

A small team from Harrow went to compete at the Meopham Open in Kent. All the seniors competing came back with a medal.

Terry - Gold - Kata
Khalid - Silver - Kata
Maria - Silver - Kumite
Sensei Shyam - Silver - Kata