19. Mar, 2018

JKS England Spring Seminar with Kagawa Shihan 9th Dan

Sensei Shyam and Sensei Loredana traveled to Nottingham to train with the JKS World Chief Instructor Kagawa Shihan 9th Dan.
The course was sold out with members of the JKS travelling from as far as Sweden to train with the JKS Chief.
The course covered control of technique, with Shihan showing his mastery of Karate technique by kicking a small roll off tape of a students head. Shihan then gave a master class of Junro Shodan, Nidan and Sandan and then Bassai Dai explaining it was his favourite kata. Shihan also went through Kihon Ippon Kumite and how it is relevant to free style kumite.
The lesson of the day was Simple is best and to make your karate your own...Shihan said there are over 100 people in the Dojo, you should see 100 different kata as everyone is an individual.