8. Jun, 2018

Makita Sensei from JKS Headquarters visits Harrow

(Kyu Grades Class Photo) Many students from Harrow and further afield attended a technical seminar with Makita Sensei from JKS Headquarters in Japan. The first session consisted of many leg exercises that the JKS Hombu is famed for. After the leg exercises, Sensei went onto various stretching for the shoulders to increase the snap of the punch. Emphasis was on using the back muscles when punching. Sensei also went through speed drills of switching legs and then kicking.
The second session was on Heian Kata and Junro Yondan. Sensei showing his incredible skill and attention to details with the latest updates from Japan.
A great seminar enjoyed by all and showing why the JKS is the leading Shotokan organisation in the world!