21. Jun, 2019

Nagaki Sensei visit 18th/19th June 2019

June 18th and 19th saw HKSK host Sensei Nagaki from JKS Hombu Dojo, Japan.
Students from various associations and dojos came to Harrow and Kingsbury to train with the former World Karate Federation, Asian Karate Federation and Japan Karate Federation Champion. Tuesday saw Nagaki Sensei go through various Basic Techniques with Junior Student and then Gohon Kumite. The Senior class was basics techniques, followed by Katas Heian Godan and Enpi. This was then followed up by various Kumite drills. Brilliant class with Nagaki Sensei showing his superb speed and sharp technique.
Wednesday was at the Kingsbury dojo. Basic Techniques to start with followed by a break down of the 5 Heian Kata. The session was finished off with Kanku Sho. Sensei made it clear there is a difference between kata for competition and kata for budo and martial arts and self defense.
A brilliant 2 days of training. Nagaki Sensei is not only a top competitor, but also so very humble in the way he carry's himself day to day.