20. May, 2019

3 students from Harrow teamed up with our friends at JKS Zanshin Kent to compete at the Kent Open Championships.

Each member came back with 2 medals each.

Sensei Shyam - Gold - Men's Black Belt Kata 35+
JKS Boys Team - Silver - Team Kumite 8-10 years old
Petr - Bronze - Boys Kata 8-10 years old
Patricia - Bronze x 2 - Ladies Kyu Grade Kumite and Kata
JKS Men's B - Bronze - Men's Team Kumite

25. Apr, 2019

April 23rd saw Sensei Adrian Valman from Global Kapap and Krav Maga come to Harrow to conduct a 2 hour knife defense seminar. We covered 2 of the most common knife attacks and what can be done to survive them and get out of there ASAP. 28 adults and teenagers learnt a huge amount in the 2 hours. Thank you to Sensei Adrian.

15. Apr, 2019

Sensei Shyam and Petr went to train with Sensei Taro Kasuya from WSKF Japan on the 24th of March.

14. Mar, 2019

Gold - Anas - Men's 35+ Black Belt Kata
Gold - Loredana - Ladies 35+ Kata
Silver - Kamil - Men's Shobu Ippon Open Weight
Silver - Terry - Men's Kyu Grade Kumite
Silver - Terry - Men's Kyu Grade Kata
Silver - Harrow Mens Team Kumite
Silver - Shyam - Men's 35+ Black Belt Kata
Bronze - Petr - 8-9yr old boys 3rd Kyu+ Kata
Bronze - Karolina - Female 18+ Black Belt Kata
Bronze - Karolina - Female 18+ Black Belt Kumite

14. Mar, 2019

JKS World Chief Instructor Masao Kagawa Shihan 9th Dan visited the UK for a packed seminar in Nottingham. Sensei Shyam, Sensei Anas and Patricia went to train with the Grand Master.
Shihan covered Junro Kata, Heian Kata, application, Jion, Jutte and Gankaku. An amazing 2 days of training.