18. Nov, 2019

JKS Hombu Instructor and Kumite World Champion visited JKS Harrow of Tuesday 5/11/19 to conduct a 3 hour karate seminar. Even though his hand was in plaster after breaking his thumb days before, he still showed his exceptional skill and speed.

21. Oct, 2019

JKS England Squd Coach, Sensei Matt Price 6th Dan visited JKS Harrow one again on Saturday Oct 20th. A fantastic day of Karate enjoyed by all.

9. Oct, 2019

Results from the BASK Championships
Terry - Gold Kyu Grade Kumite
Uriel - Silver Kyu Grade Kumite
Terry - Silver Kyu Grade Kata
Loredana - Silver Ladies Kata
Shyam - Silver Men's Kata
Zlatko - Bronze Men's Kata
Maria - Bronze Ladies Kumite

9. Oct, 2019

Sensei Shyam and Zlatko went to train with Akita Sensei on Saturday. A busy course working on the basics and how to use your body correctly in techniques.