Our Karate Heritage

The JKS is a world wide karate organisation headed by World Chief Instructor, Masao Kagawa Shihan (Master) 9th Dan.

It was formally established in 2000, after a long running court case between the Chairman of the Japan Karate Association and the Chief Instructor of the JKA, Tetsuhiko Asai Shihan 10th Dan.

Asai Shihan established the Japan Karate Shotorenmei (Federation) only 19 years ago, but the heritage goes back much further. 

Our Heritage started with :-

O Sensei Gichin Funakoshi 10th Dan, 1869 - 1957 - The Father of Modern Karate and founder of the Shotokan style. 

Sensei Nakayama 10th Dan, 1913 - 1987 - Credited to have bought Karate to the wider world by sending his students to all corners of the globe.

Sensei Asai 10th Dan, 1935 - 2006 - Former Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Association, laid the foundations of the JKS in 1990.

Sensei Masao Kagawa 9th Dan 1959 - Current Chief Instructor of the JKS - 

Kagawa Shihan is the current World Chief Instructor of the JKS, Chairman of the Technical Commitee of the World Karate Federation (WKF), Head coach of the All Japan Karate Do Federation and Head coach of the Teikyo University Karate Team. He has produced world champion after world champion through Teikyo University and the JKS Headquarters.

The JKS has it's world headquarters in Sugamo, Tokyo, Japan. It is open to all JKS members to visit and hosts seminars for international students of karate.

JKS England host an annual trip to Japan to train at the World Headquarters of Karate which for many is a once in a life time trip.

Many members of HSK have attended this annual trip and it is one of many opportunities open to members of JKS Harrow Shotokan. 


JKS England Website


JKS Japan and Headquarters Website


JKS International Seminar in Tokyo, Dec 2015.
Shyam Raithatha from HSK in the back row.

The Instructors of the JKS Headquarters who visit England and Europe regularly.