Why Choose HSK?

There are hundreds of martial arts school in the country, some good, some bad and some very bad! So why choose HSK?

1) Karate and in particular the style we do, Shotokan, is the most popular martial art in the world.

2) Our Instructors are fully qualified black belts, fully insured and fully DBS (CRB) checked with decades of experience and graded by top Japanese instructors.
Before you join any club - Always ask the instructors credentials. Find out how long the instructor has trained for and with whom and who awarded his or her rank.

3) We encourage parents to stay and watch classes and get involved with the club. (If a club doesn't want you to stay and watch as a parent, something is very wrong!)

4) We don't promise you a Black belt in 12 months! It takes training 2/3 times a week for 3/4 years to get a black belt. If a club promises you a black belt in 12 months or a black belt fast track, they are only after your money!
All HSK Black Belts are registered at the JKS Headquarters in Japan and training a minimum of 4 years.

5) We have regualr gradings, 3 to 4 times a year which helps set short term goals and will help you see your progressi in karate going through the coloured belts to reach black belt level.
Some clubs will grade you ever month and give you 'tips or tags' for your belts and keep charging you for gradings. We don't! Also our grading fees include the belt and certificate, should you pass. 

6) We won't ask you to sign a minimum term contract! Some martial arts schools will ask you to sign up for a minimum period, we don't.

7) We follow a structured and methodical teaching method and syllabus formulated by our world headquarters in Japan. It helps build your karate skills as well as confidence, coordination, balanace, strength etc

8) We have direct links to Japan and hold annual training visits there via JKS England. 

9) We host courses with top ranking Japanese and UK Instructors. We also encourage our students to train with who ever they can learn from regardless of style or association.

10) We compete regularly at competitions, these are great fun and can test what you are learning. Tournaments aren't for everyone, so there is no pressure to compete, but the opportunities are there for those who want it. 
If a club says they don't believe in competitions or sparring, be aware. It maybe because the club does not want to get shown up. 

11) We have students competing for the JKS England squad at JKS European and World Championships. JKS England also have members in the EKF All Styles Squad competing in World Karate Federation Events Internationally. 

12) We are members of the English Karate Federation (EKF) and World Karate Federation (WKF) which is the only body recognised by the International Olympic Committee - So if you train hard, you can have access to the Karate Team GB for the 2020 Olympics!